Mixed Culinary Garlic
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This is a pound of our 'culinary' garlic. It's a mixed bag of our 40+ varieties that is simply too small to sell as 'seed' garlic. There's nothing wrong with it, it's the same as our seed stock, just smaller. If you want, you can plant it, but we think it's great just to eat it, and the $6 price makes it less than the Chinese junk at the supermarket. You may not know what you're eating(but many of you will recognize some of your favorites), but it will be great tasting. We sell a lot of these mixes at festivals as many of our customers see the advantage of having this great garlic strictly for eating. Remember this is a one pound bag of culinary garlic; no labels, just great garlic to eat... $8 / lb.

Mixed Culinary Garlic

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