Mixed Seed Garlic
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This is a pound of our 'seed' garlic that for one reason or another we are not selling for full price. A clove may be missing, or the head might have fallen out of a bin somewhere, but our error(s) benefits you. You may not know what you're planting, but you know it will be great tasting. We sell a lot of these mixes at festivals as many of our customers see the advantage of growing 60-70 heads of garlic strictly for eating. Who cares what varieties you get as long as you keep this stuff separate from your varietal garlic plants, you can save a lot more of your main crop for seed and not have to answer the perennial question " should I eat it or save it for seed?". Remember this is a bag of seed garlic; no labels, just great garlic to grow... $12 / lb.

Mixed Seed Garlic

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