Black Garlic
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Unlike all the other garlics we sell, Black Garlic can't be planted, it is a fermented product made from fresh raw garlic. Because of its delicious taste and high level of anti-oxidants black garlic has become the darling of gastronomes and alternative medicine practitioners. Black garlic has been found to contain twice the antioxidant levels as fresh garlic and it's packed with high concentrations of many sulfurous compounds, particularly s-allylcycteine (SAC). These compounds are believed to help lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of cancer, increase the absorption of allicin, boost the immune system and even extend life.

We make our black garlic using specially designed garlic fermenters that maintains a precise temperature for up to 288 hours.  After fermentation is finished, black garlic is semi-permanently preserved and will remain stable for several years as long as it is stored so it won't dry out. Black garlic is now a popular ingredient at high end restaurants where its sweet, earthy taste is used to enhance the flavor and healthfulness of many dishes. Since black garlic doesn’t have the strong flavor or odor of raw garlic, it is often preferred by those who have difficulties eating ordinary garlic.

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Black Garlic

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